Kyslíková accounting

Our accounting and tax company has been providing services for hundreds of clients around the Czech Republic over 15 years.

We communicate with our clients in German and English, which enables excellent cooperation and understanding.

Our portfolio of services includes a wide range of activities, above all:

- Help with the establishment of a company, consultancy. Assessment of an ideal legal form   of   business
- Accounting in several programmes
- Tax consultancy service from the start of business activities
- Choice of suitable software, connection with taxation and the client´s expectations
- Setting up company internal regulations
- Implementation of the system of document circulation, description of jobs
- Regular controlling, reports for the company management, accounting pursuant to the   Czech   legislature and law
- Representation before all authorities of the Czech Republic
- Liquidation of companies, mergers and unifications
- Preparation of and filing all tax returns
- Full payroll administration, HR management
- Consultancy in complicated accounting and taxation procedures
- Contracts to prevent double taxation, determination of domicile
- Special services for Slovak clients (daughter and mother companies)

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